Moka Fang shocks with low weight

The mother-of-one posted a picture of a weighing scale display recently


Is Moka Fang really pregnant? A week after her husband, Hong Kong singer-actor Aaron Kwok seemingly confirmed her second pregnancy, Chinese model Moka Fang’s sudden reveal of her weight on Weibo has thoroughly confused the public.

With numerous rumours swirling that Moka is pregnant with the couple’s second child after she was spotted with what looks to be a baby bump, Aaron was hounded at his public appearances for a comment on the “new addition to the family”.

Though the 53-year-old was reluctant to share more about his private life, Aaron’s evasive answers seemed to show that something was up. Finally, the singer-actor shared last week that he “likes the idea of a large family”, before adding that he cannot share too much at the moment, which many took to be an admission of Moka’s pregnancy.

However, on Sunday (September 30), Moka shared a picture of a weighing scale display on her Weibo account, sharing that she currently weighs 39.1 kilograms. Concerned for her health, fans began leaving comments urging the model to “stop losing weight”. Some also expressed confusion, asking, “Isn't (Moka) pregnant? Is this weight healthy?”.

Aaron and Moka tied the knot in a quiet ceremony in April last year, and welcomed their daughter, Chantelle five months later.

Photos: PBE Media

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