Moses Chan admits he has no time for his son

Moses Chan’s heart aches to see his sons disappointed when he’s too tired to have breakfast with them

Moses Chan admits he has no time for his son

On an outdoor shoot for his new show Fashion War yesterday, Hong Kong actor Moses Chan revealed that July will be a busy month for him and admitted that he currently has no time for his sons because of work.

Apart from his 2-year-old son Aiden Joshua Chan, his 34-year-old actress wife Aimee Chan also gave birth to their second son Nathan Lucas on February 26 this year.

Moses explained, “There are times when I would only get off work in the morning and I would play with my sons for a while when I see them. They would always want me to have breakfast with them, but when I tell them that ‘Daddy wants to sleep’, they would give me a sad and reluctant look, which makes my heart ache.”

The loving husband added, “My wife must be having a hard time now taking care of the kids. I hope that I can go on a break soon so we can share the responsibilities and go for a vacation as a family of four.”

On the topic of his second son’s Mandarin name (Chen Haofeng), the 44-year-old joked, “It’s my fault, we changed it until it sounds like an ancient Emperor’s name. However, we did spend a lot of time coming up with the name.” The name was meant to imply that the child has a big heart and is self-motivated to fulfil his ambitions.

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