Moses Chan and Aimee Chan welcome second son

Aimee Chan gave birth to the couple’s second child on Feb 26  

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan welcome second son
Hong Kong celebrity couple Moses Chan and Aimee Chan welcomed their second son, Nathan Lucas Chan, on Feb 26. The baby boy weighed 2.8kg at birth and is said to bear sharp resemblance to his father.

While speaking to the media at Canossa Hospital on Saturday, the couple said that they have yet to come up with the child’s Chinese name, but they would prefer one that does not sound similar to their elder son Aiden Joshua’s Chinese name, Chen Zi Ye. In addition, Aimee explained that Nathan represents “a gift from God” and Lucas refers to a “star”.

Just two days after giving birth, Aimee had a radiant complexion and appeared to be in good condition. However, the actress revealed that the delivery process was more toilsome this time around, as the labour contractions lasted for five hours.

When asked if he has any rewards for his wife, Moses laughed in reply: “[I will give her] anything that she wants. It’d be a tough one this time.”

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan welcome second son
Moses, who accompanied Aimee throughout the process, also personally cut the baby’s umbilical cord. “I was very worried when I saw her in so much pain. But she is very strong. I was moved to tears when I saw the baby!” he exclaimed.

In addition, Moses also expressed his wish to try for a daughter in future. The actor is currently putting work on hold to look after his wife.

Later that day, Aimee posted a photo of Nathan Lucas on Weibo for the first time. “Being a mother & birthing life is the most courageous and most memorable experiences of my life... and now our second Prince is born! (sic)” she wrote.

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