Myolie Wu reveals baby’s due date

Hong Kong actress is expected to go into labour in November

Myolie Wu is five months pregnant

It’s business as usual for Myolie Wu, who has no plans to stop working despite being in the second trimester of her pregnancy.

After sharing the good news of her pregnancy on her social media account on Mother’s day, the mum-to-be appeared at a recording for a variety show, Friends, two days ago. She wore a empire-cut dress which accentuated her pregnant curves and baby bump.

During the interview, Myolie revealed that she has no plans to stop work yet and shared that she is fit to fly, according to her doctor. “I’ll wait till I’m 8 or 9 months pregnant [before I stop work],” she said.

Due to give birth in November this year, the pregnant mother added that she was warned against overworking too.

Myolie Wu and her husband Philip Lee with William So's son
Myolie Wu and her husband with William So's son

Myolie also shared about a picture she took with Hong Kong singer William So’s 2-month-old son, Jazz. “I didn’t have time to visit him previously, the baby is really cute and heavy. I’m afraid I’d start to gain muscles after carrying my child in future,” she said.

The five months pregnant actress also revealed that she sought parenting tips from William and his wife and is preparing to breastfeed her child. The 37-year-old previously shared that she intends to opt for a natural birth.

Myolie married her businessman beau Philip Lee in December 2015 and the couple are expecting their first child together.

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