Myolie Wu says she’ll invite ex Bosco Wong to her wedding

Actress to host 50-table banquet and honeymoon in the UK and Ireland

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From being tight-lipped about her marriage plans, Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu has now let on many other details of her wedding to her businessman boyfriend, Philip Lee, on December 28.

Myolie, 36, also graciously said she would invite actor Bosco Wong, whom she had dated for eight years, to the 50-table banquet at the Ritz Carlton hotel. But on Internet chatter that Bosco should go disrupt the wedding and steal her away, she said, “You think this is acting? You’ve all watched too many drama serials; this is real life.”

She added she has taken two months off work, and would head to the UK and Ireland with Philip for their honeymoon because they had both studied in those countries before.

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The actress recently posted pictures of her pre-wedding photoshoot online. The couple had gone to Belgium for the shoot on the invitation of a fashion magazine, and the actress said she finally understood why people chose to get married overseas, because it involved less work.

Myolie said she has asked her older sister to be her bridesmaid, but the actress wasn’t sure whether her sibling would be comfortable with appearing on camera.

Philip’s family is from Sha Tau Kok, a town in northeastern New Territories in Hong Kong, and Myolie said her fiance had been teaching her basic Hakka so she could communicate with his elders.

The actress said her fiance wished to have kids. “It would be best if I could have triplets — that’s three kids in one shot — and many of my friends have volunteered to look after my future kids,” she said.

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