Natalie Tong clarifies rumours surrounding breakup

She and Tony Hung announced their breakup on their respective social media platforms


Natalie Tong announced her split from her boyfriend of two years, Tony Hung, on Tuesday, and soon sparked rumours that she had moved on from him and started a relationship with a non-celebrity.

After the most recent round of speculations, she tearfully clarified several aspects of her breakup to the media. Natalie had a filming session at an outdoor location, where she shed tears while emphasising that Lu Qibang, an executive at a Hong Kong company Sun Century Group, is “just an ordinary friend of mine.”


She continued that she couldn’t understand why media reports claimed that she decided to enter a relationship with Qibang because she is a gold digger, and that their allegation that she was now a kept woman has undermined her hard work for the past decade.

Tony later took to his Facebook to defend her, asking the public to not harm Natalie and for false reports about them and their relationship to cease. He went on to clarify that they are still friends and have an amicable relationship.


There was also speculation that their breakup was due to a third party, Sisley Choi, who worked on The Learning Curve of a Warlord with Tony while Natalie was in China for another project. To which, Natalie responded, “I will not respond to allegations that are not the truth, otherwise I’ll end up being dragged into this mess as well. Thank you!”

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