Netizens raise doubts about Ella Chen’s claim that husband is ‘right guy’ for her

Alvin Lai has been dubbed someone with “no manners” after allegations of him behaving badly as Ella Chen’s manager surfaced

Netizens raise doubts about Ella Chen’s claim that husband is ‘right guy’ for her

S.H.E member Ella Chen has landed herself in an uncomfortable position recently as she’s made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Her husband, Alvin Lai, was alleged to have made unreasonable demands as Ella’s manager and offended those in showbiz because of his disregard of the industry’s rules.

In light of the headlines, Taiwanese media have looked back on Ella’s past comments about her husband, and one in particular has stood out. In it, she admitted that she still “doesn’t know how to judge people well”.

She explained that she suffered heartbreak in the past, which was so severe that she almost got into a car accident because she was so wrapped up in her emotions. She questioned herself if she was too eager to get married, which caused her previous relationship to break down due to the amount of stress she put on her partner.

It was only after she met Alvin did she realise that there was a “right person” for her, and she had no qualms about getting married because he gave her a sense of security.

Ella also shared that Alvin won over her entire family the first time they met. Not only did her older sister and her children take to Alvin, but Ella’s mother also sang praises of her son-in-law. This led Ella to believe that he was definitely the right person for her.

Netizens pointed out that given her past comments, it was possible that the allegations made against Alvin could be false as he seemed to have a good personality. However, others shared that he could possibly have tried his best to put his best foot forward in order to get in the good books of his potential family-in-law.

Many are also questioning why the couple has yet to refute the allegations if there is no truth in them, adding that the longer they keep their silence, the more damage this will cause both their reputations.

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