Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong call it quits?

So says a critic who even announced that he’d “broadcast a live stream eating dog poop” if he was proven wrong


A Chinese entertainment critic recently divulged that celebrity couple Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong have agreed to break up, to the shock of fans.

After divorcing with Chinese actress Cecilia Cheung in 2011, Nicholas got together with Faye Wong in 2014, whom he previously dated.

Since then, the couple have kept their relationship on the down-low, amidst rumours of marriage.

However, yesterday, Chinese entertainment critic Song Zude alleged that after Faye’s 2016 concert “failed to get enough investors,” and her relationship with Nicholas has been on the rocks. Recently, the duo even signed a breakup agreement, calling it quits on their relationship.

After their breakup, Nicholas and Faye only show up together for events related to their business collaborations, according to Song Zude. He also alleged that the reason behind their reunion in 2014 was to “earn more money, [as] the public likes to gossip about these news”.

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Nicholas was also accused of being a spendthrift, who got together with Faye only because she “is able to provide for him, once she’s unable to do so, of course he’ll break up with her”.

Song Zude then ended things off by declaring, “If my information is proven to be wrong, then I’ll livestream [myself] eating 400 grams of dog poop.”

Fans later dug up past “exclusive news” revealed by Song Zude, and found out that he had once revealed that Faye’s daughter, Li Yan was born with a cleft lip, and that Cecilia Cheung was involved in Edison Chen’s nude pictures scandal, as well as the fact that Tang Wei had been blacklisted in China, lending some credibility to his words. However, many still remain sceptical about his claims, commenting that they were “waiting to see him eat dog poop”.

Photos: PBE Media

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