Nicholas Tse flares up at mention of ex-wife

He said to a reporter: “Are you wishing for death?”


Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse has been in a stable relationship with Chinese singer Faye Wong since their highly-publicised reunion in 2014, after his marriage with fellow Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung.

Recently, a video of Nicholas being questioned about Faye and Cecilia on Taiwanese variety show, Here Comes Kangxi, in 2005 resurfaced and began to circulate online. The video was a cut from a segment of the show where guests are required to eat puffs filled with wasabi while rapidly answering controversial questions.

The 36 year-old was first asked a question about his “most adventurous sexual intercourse location” with Faye Wong, which he did not answer.

He stopped smiling and grew sullen when asked if Cecilia Cheung’s figure is better than Faye Wong’s, and he yelled to the crew, “Are you new here?” dramatically ending the game segment.

This is also not the only incident where the actor lost his temper when he was probed about his personal life. He also lashed out at a reporter during the press conference of his recent movie, Heartfall Arises, and said, “Are you wishing for death?” when said reporter mentioned his ex-wife.

Photos: PBE Media

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