Nicholas Tse is a changed man because of Faye Wong

Nicholas Tse’s mother spoke to the media for the first time since the Faye-Nic reunion was exposed

Deborah Li and husband Kong Yiu Sing; Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong
According to Nicholas Tse’s mother Deborah Li, the actor has changed since reuniting with Faye Wong. While speaking to the media at Hong Kong singer Alan Tam’s 40th anniversary concert yesterday, Deborah said that her son, an avid fan of cooking, has been experimenting with Chinese cuisine these days.

While Deborah happily shared photos of Nicholas’ dishes, reporters were curious if she has pictures of Faye and Nicholas in her phone. “I wish I had some!” she said.

When asked if she has had a meal with Faye, Deborah jokingly said that she would invite reporters to the dinner, should the opportunity arise.

Singing praises of her son, the former actress let on that Nicholas has quit drinking coffee and playing computer games. “He sleeps at 10pm and wakes up at 9am nowadays. He even visited an orthopaedic clinic [to treat his injury],” she added.

“(Is the change due to his girlfriend?) I can rest in peace now,” Deborah nodded smiling. 

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