Nicholas Tse refutes claims that he has broken up with Faye Wong

An entertainment critic claimed that the couple had split up

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Celebrity couple Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong’s relationship has been thrust in the spotlight after Chinese entertainment critic Song Zude claimed on his Weibo that the couple had called it quits.

Song Zude stood firmly behind his claims, even as fans left a barrage of comments doubting his words, even claiming that he’d “do a livestream [of himself] eating 400 grams of dog poop” if he was proven wrong.

The critic, who has been in the industry for 10 years, often releases such news on his personal Weibo. Past rumours, which proved to be true in the end, included the fact that Faye’s daughter with Chinese actor Li Yapeng, Li Yan, was born with a cleft lip.

After Song Zude published his post on Weibo, fans of the couple immediately started leaving comments on Faye and Nicholas’s social media accounts, hoping for the couple to refute the rumours. 

Yesterday, Nicholas finally responded, commenting, “[I’m] looking forward to seeing him [Song Zude] eat [dog poop],” to a fan who had sent him a screenshot of the critic’s claims on his Facebook page.

However, Song Zude refused to back down, and said in an interview with the media, “[If] he [Nicholas Tse] shows me their marriage certificate, Song Zude will naturally fulfil my promise to eat!”.

After divorcing with Chinese actress Cecilia Cheung in 2011, Nicholas got together with Faye Wong in 2014, whom he previously dated. Since then, the couple have kept their relationship on the down-low, amidst rumours of marriage.

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