Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu spotted in Kyoto

Some netizens believe that they were there to pray for a child

Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu spotted in Kyoto

Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu aren’t called a power couple for nothing - the pair was spotted in Kyoto earlier this week, despite the couple trying to hide their identities with a cap and mask.

Following a rare selfie of the pair that was uploaded on Weibo recently, netizens concluded that the pair are spending quality time together in Japan, as they were also spotted in the land of the rising sun by others.

Eagle-eyed fans of the pair spotted them in Kyoto’s Kiyomizu Temple, and started taking photos of them. Nicky, who noticed the trigger-happy fan, raised his hand to ask them to refrain from taking photos, which some netizens praised as being courteous.

At the temple, they are said to have prayed for blessings, and one of the places they stopped at raised netizens’ interest - the Koyasu Pagoda, which is said to bless mothers-to-be with a safe and easy childbirth.

This has led many to wonder if Nicky and Cecilia are intending to have a child soon, and have expressed their eagerness at hearing good news from the couple soon.

Photos: PBE Media

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