Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu try their luck at a casino

The couple reportedly lost “quite a bit” during their visit


Celebrity couple Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu are currently enjoying their holiday in New Zealand, after attending the wedding of a friend.

As part of the whole tourist experience, the duo decided to check out a casino in Auckland, where they were photographed by fans who had run into them there.

In the pictures of the couple at the casino’s card table, Nicky can be seen talking to a person beside him while Cecilia, who was seated beside him, had her head in her hands, looking as if she was seriously contemplating what to do next.


According to observers, the lovebirds looked exceptionally solemn, which is a rare sight at a casino. The couple tried their hand at the card game for an estimated 10 minutes and lost a fair bit of money within that short span of time, said fans.

Nicky and Cecilia registered their marriage in January 2015 and tied the knot last March in Bali, Indonesia.


Photos: PBE Media

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