Nicky Wu heads back to school yet again

The actor-singer had previously obtained a master’s degree from Peking University


Taiwanese actor-singer Nicky Wu’s quest for knowledge and education never stops.

After obtaining his Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) master’s degree from Peking University earlier last month, the 46-year-old has been revealed to have enrolled yet again in another degree programme from Peking University.

This time, the actor-singer will be studying in England, according to Taiwanese host, Qiu Qin Yi, who had bumped into Nicky whilst attending classes in the same campus.

The two classmates are the only Taiwanese students in the class, with Qin Yi revealing that Nicky is an “outstanding senior at school, and a very good actor, an excellent entrepreneur and a diligent student.”

Qin Yi also uploaded a picture taken with Nicky in England, with the actor-singer dressed down in a simple polo tee and navy blue jacket, complete with a backpack for the full “student look”.


Photos: PBE Media

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