No one knows whether Zhang Ziyi is pregnant

Actress’s penchant for billowing clothes keeps baby rumours alive

Zhang Ziyi, Wang Feng

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi made a virtual appearance at a recent Wang Feng media event, and her loose-fitting outfit kept celebrity-watchers guessing: Is she or isn’t she pregnant?

Chinese rock musician Wang Feng held a media event recently to launch FILL, his own brand of earphones. Ziyi, 36, wasn’t there to support her beau in person, but she appeared in a video congratulating him.

The actress is rumoured to be six months pregnant and due next February, and there is word that she has already settled in Los Angeles to prepare for delivery.

Zhang Ziyi

The couple are said to have married, but there’s still no confirmation on that.

And once again, Wang Feng became of secondary interest — at his own product launch event, no less. The singer is nicknamed “Brother Headline” in China for always missing out on becoming front-page news.

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