Patrick Tse prefers Cecilia Cheung over Faye Wong

The elderly Tse tears up when talking about son Nicholas Tse’s divorce

Patrick Tse prefers Cecilia Cheung over Faye Wong

Hong Kong actor Patrick Tse has made his thoughts regarding his son’s high-profile divorce with Cecilia Cheung back in 2011 known, during a recent recording for Hong Kong variety programme, Number One Friend. He talked about how the thought of it broke his heart and that he honestly preferred Cecilia over Nicholas Tse’s current girlfriend, Faye Wong, who he reunited with in 2014.

The 81-year-old admitted that he shed tears over this matter saying this was a new pain and trauma felt by him as an elderly. He displayed his fondness for his ex-daughter-in-law by constantly singing her praises. He was also grateful to her for giving him two grandchildren and the four of them often have outings together.

Patrick Tse prefers Cecilia Cheung over Faye Wong

Patrick further added that Nicholas rarely introduces his girlfriends to his family members as relationships are rarely talked about in the Tse household, hinting that he had not even met Faye before.

However, when questioned on whether his own divorce to his wife of 25 years had an impact on his son, he felt that it should not as he had consulted both children about the situation beforehand and that Nicholas was happy the pair have still remained good friends even after parting ways.

Patrick has since been in a relationship with girlfriend Coco, 49 years his junior, for 10 years now. When asked if marriage was on the table, he chuckled that he saw no point in it since he already had two failed marriages previously.

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