Rainie Yang laughs about accidental Facebook post with Lee Ronghao

The singer-actress accidentally revealed her relationship with an intimate selfie of the two


Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang showed up as the ambassador for a mobile phone brand yesterday, where she was asked about her famous slip-up in 2015.

Back then, Rainie had accidentally uploaded an intimate selfie of herself with Chinese singer Li Ronghao on his Facebook account whilst using his phone. The photo was swiftly deleted once Rainie realised her mistake, but by then, fans and netizens alike had taken screenshots of the picture, thus revealing the couple’s relationship.

When reporters asked if she’d still slip up when using her new phone, Rainie laughed, “I’m hoping that the new phone will be easy to use for me, so that I wouldn’t make such a mistake again”.

The 32-year-old also revealed that she has more photos of her beloved pooch than Ronghao on her phone, and that she “trembles with fear” every time she uploads a photo.

Rainie also revealed her secret to taking a good selfie, sharing, “I see a lot of girls who like to take their photos from a high angle to make their eyes appear bigger, but I prefer to take my photos from a normal angle, as I don’t want to lose sight of reality.”

In other non-related news, Rainie, who left her previous record company last year to establish her own personal studio, shared that she has more responsibilities to take on now. The singer-actress divulged that she doesn’t dare to go on holiday for too long, and that she’s currently learning how to read statistical reports and the like. However, she has no patience for numbers, and gets tired very easily whenever she’s faced with the reports.

Photos: PBE Media

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