Rainie Yang’s ‘poor acting’ claims refuted

The actress had recently come under fire for not being able to perform on set

Rainie Yang

Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang has recently been blasted by the media for not performing well in the Taiwanese horror film, The Tag-Along 2, which has resulted in her co-star, Tiffany Hsu’s important scenes being cut. However, these claims have since been refuted by her manager and Tiffany herself, who branded them as being ‘ridiculous.’

It was reported that Rainie’s acting during an abandoned hospital scene was not fitting for the storyline and “non-believable”, causing her scenes with Tiffany to be removed from the final footage. As a result, Tiffany ended up having less screen time than Rainie and could only qualify for the category of Best Supporting Actress in the upcoming 54th Golden Horse Awards.

Rainie was also said to have been unable to cry on cue and required a few takes before she managed to shed tears. In addition, the 33-year-old actress had also rejected the use of artificial tears which would have sped up the process.

However, the actress’s manager has since commented that these claims were “not true and falsely spread.” The film company also added that it was normal for actors to have their scenes cut to suit the flow of the show.

Tiffany has also stepped out to dismiss the rumours, claiming that “everyone on set was very focused and professional,” and that she had “never heard of such statements.”

It was further clarified that the respective roles of the cast members were decided by the production company. Therefore, Tiffany being picked for the supporting role had nothing to do with Rainie.

This is the third time that Tiffany is being nominated at the Golden Horse, while Rainie did not make the cut for Best Leading Actress due to “stiff competition.”

Photo: PBE Media

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