Ruby Lin: I’ve turned into someone that I hate

The actress disliked how she had become one of those people who would constantly talk about parenthood

ruby lin

Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin recently expressed that ever since becoming a mother, she found herself turning into someone that “she can’t stand.”

The actress recently had a gathering with her fellow cast members from the Taiwanese drama series The Way We Were which consisted of Tiffany Hsu, Melvin Sia and Jason Tsou. Even though the show was filmed over three years ago, the co-stars still remained very close friends and realised that “even though so much time has passed, there was still a list of never ending topics to talk about.”

As Ruby and Jason had recently become new parents this year, their conversations would frequently revolve about parenthood and their children. Ruby then joked that she was now “one of those people she always hated,” those who would only bring up their kids to their friends.

However, the rest of the group did not seem to mind but instead, remained supportive of their respective lives. Melvin felt that “being a parent was a very blissful thing” and Tiffany agreed, adding that she was “lucky enough to already have them as friends.”

Ruby tied the knot with fellow actor Wallace Huo in Bali last August and welcomed their daughter, “Little Angel” in January this year.

Photo: PBE Media

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