Ruby Lin: “Married life isn’t much different from being single”

The actress tied the knot with Wallace Huo last August


Days after celeb couple Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo were spotted spending quality time in Japan, her comments on a recent episode of variety programme Lady First raised eyebrows in more ways than one.

The host, Pauline Lan, remarked that Ruby was “really suited to motherhood,” given that she’s been able to get back into shape so quickly after delivering her child, adding, “your baby is so smiley that you should give birth to a few more.” Ruby lit up at the mention of her daughter, gushing that her long eyelashes are just like her father’s.

When asked about maintaining her figure after childbirth, Ruby admitted that she used to not pay attention to what she was eating. That was until she ate two pieces of Taiwanese fried chicken and rashes spouted up on Little Angel’s face two days later, which scared Ruby so badly that she never broke her confinement eating rules again.


In order to get back to work, Ruby also strictly controlling her diet after her confinement period and shared her daily diet plan on the programme. For example, she would eat steamed fish, vegetables and one-third of a bowl of multi-grain rice. The fellow guests on the show were surprised at her revelation, declaring, “What you eat for the entire day is less than what I eat for a single meal!”

When it came to how life after marriage has been, Ruby’s answer surprised many. “He (Wallace) is always busy filming, so I feel that married life isn’t that much different from being single. The only difference is that we have a baby,” she admitted.

Ruby added that she has never thought of giving up on acting, which she loves, despite becoming a mother, but that she has worked out an agreement with her husband that there must be at least one parent in Taiwan at all times to look after their child.

Ruby, who married Wallace last August in a dreamy Bali wedding, welcomed their first child, a daughter nicknamed Little Angel, in January.

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