Ruby Lin’s friendship with Vicki Zhao questioned

The actress was recently found with a voodoo doll of supposed good friend Vicki Zhao

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Ruby Lin struck up a friendship with Vicki Zhao after filming hit drama series My Fair Princess together in 1998. The girls remain close friends to date and have a tight bond, as seen in updates on their social media accounts. Therefore, fans were shocked when it was exposed in a previous footage of a reality show that Ruby seemingly owned a voodoo doll of Vicki.

Ruby previously starred in an episode of a reality show hosted by Jacky Wu, and partook in the segment where the guest star’s room would get raided. A doll which had a picture of Vicki on it and pricked with needles was retrieved from her cupboard, leading to much criticism from netizens.

The author and producer of My Fair Princess, Chiung Yao has since stepped out and laughed it off, saying that the statements were ridiculous and issued a clarification on Sunday (Sept 10). She said that the doll found in Ruby’s room was a prop from the series, and was specially arranged to be found, insisting that it had nothing to do with Ruby.

“Please stop blindly accusing others and taking things out of context, thank you”, said Chiung Yao, who also revealed that all the retrieved items from the room were all part of the show’s segment.

Ruby, who was recently embroiled in another controversy involving another My Fair Princess co-star, Chinese actor Zhou Jie, has been unable to catch a break.

When she was with her husband, Wallace Huo, at the airport on Sunday, after attending the Bazaar Charity Night 2017 together, the couple were photographed secretly. After Wallace discovered the camera, he immediately turned hostile and attempted to stop the photographer by pointing his fingers at the camera. This led to much backlash from the public who claimed that it was not that big of a deal and normal for celebrities to have their pictures taken at the airport.

Ruby has since taken to Weibo to personally defend her husband, by asking if “the public were done with their criticisms” and whether “it was that wrong to simply point fingers if one felt that their privacy was being violated.”

She also spoke out with regards to what Zhou Jie had said for the first time after his statements were made. The actress mentioned how she initially did not want to taint the reputation of My Fair Princess with any negativity and therefore, chose not to respond to any comments but has now decided to take a stand after the situation got out of hand.

“Things from the past have been taken out of context, but even after I was misinterpreted, I did not mind and moved forward. The web has become a place where it is now effortless to slander another but if dissing someone else would make you feel happier, then please do so but know that I will not be a part of it.”

The actress even disabled comments on her Weibo posts to prevent other internet wars from sparking again.

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