Ruco Chan: I don’t find my career very stable

The actor gets real about his acting career, goals he has set for himself and why he isn’t in a rush to tie the knot

Ruco Chan: I don’t find my career very stable

Video: Philip Ang

Ruco Chan is no stranger to those familiar with Hong Kong dramas – the 41-year-old has plenty of blockbuster productions under his belt that have spanned his 24-year career. Given the amount of experience he has in showbiz, one would imagine that the actor is somewhat of a veteran in his own right.

That, however, isn’t the case, at least to the actor himself.

Speaking to Toggle ahead of TVB’s video and live-streaming app, Big Big Channel’s performance in Singapore to celebrate the application’s launch, Ruco admitted, “I don’t find my career very stable”, as he told us more about his down-to-earth approach to his life, work, and personal life.

Having wrapped filming on his historical drama, Succession War, last year, he shared that he’s been “resting” for the past nine months – that, however, isn’t to say that he’s been idling at home.

“For actors, as long as we’re not filming, it’s considered that we’re resting. We may be promoting our work overseas, but it’s still considered a rest period for us,” he explained. “I’ve been spending my time with my family, but I’ll definitely be working on at least one drama this year. I haven’t confirmed the specifics, but there will be at least one.”

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When asked what he’d like to try out next, he said with a wry smile, “I want to take on any role that I haven’t taken on before, that’s good enough for me.”

With his character in the drama, Niohuru Heshen, a powerful official in the Qing court, being interpreted numerous times through different dramas, Ruco explained that one of the biggest comparisons that people have drawn is with 2009 Taiwanese drama, Jia Qing You Tai Wan.

“There was a Taiwanese drama in which a mainland actor played Heshen, but the way he interpreted the role was in a more adorable manner. In reality, however, if you look at history, Heshen wasn’t quite like that. He’s a bit more like me, so I hope that the audience will be able to accept my portrayal of him, and that people enjoy my performance,” he shared. “(Heshen) was a corrupt official, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person – as for why, you’ll have to watch to find out.”

Although the broadcast date has yet to be set in stone, Ruco is unfazed by the comparisons that viewers may draw between the Hong Kong and Taiwanese shows, and feels there is “no need” for it as both dramas have their own strengths.

“I don’t think it’s fair to say that there will be a comparison between his acting and mine, especially since we have two very different portrayals of the same historical character,” he said. “Our script is heavily based on what happened in the past, whereas their drama was more light-hearted.”

With that being said, does he hope to replicate his success at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2016, where he walked away with his very first Best Actor award, or is he thinking of retiring early and leaving showbiz?

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