Ruco Chan: I don’t find my career very stable

The actor gets real about his acting career, goals he has set for himself and why he isn’t in a rush to tie the knot

Ruco Chan: I don’t find my career very stable
Photos: TPG/CLICK PHOTOS, Ruco Chan/Instagram

He mused, “Winning awards has never been my goal. What’s more important is being able to immerse myself into my role to express myself, and for the audience to like my performance – that in itself is good enough (…) My focus will always be on what I enjoy working on.”

As for retirement, he assured that it won’t  be happening so soon despite him feeling that no one is ever safe when it comes to navigating through the waters of showbiz. “My contract with TVB is until when I’m about 60, so you’ll definitely be seeing me until then,” he deadpanned. “I haven’t thought about what will happen after that, because nobody can predict the future.”

Ruco spent a good 10 minutes chatting animatedly about his career, which he undoubtedly still has a burning passion for despite over two decades in the industry. When it comes to his personal life, however, the star was as guarded as ever, and only indirectly answered questions we had for him.

When we mentioned his rumoured-but-never-formally-confirmed girlfriend, Phoebe Sin, he cheekily said, “Girlfriend? Who are you talking about?” After mentioning her name, he added on with a grin, “You were the one who said her name, not me.”

Ruco Chan: I don’t find my career very stable
Photos: TPG/CLICK PHOTOS, Phoebe Sin/Instagram

Explaining the reason why he prefers to keep his relationship off the radar, he let on, “Basically, I hope to be a bit more low-key (when it comes to relationships) and let nature take its course. I don’t want to talk too much about the other party (…) I’ve always put my focus on my work and I hope to continue this way as well. I’ve talked about this numerous times during the past year, so I’m afraid that talking about it even more will cause viewers to get bored.”

Given his evident aversion to going public with his relationship, would he be open to collaborating with his girlfriend, especially when the spotlight will be on their relationship? “We’re both under TVB,” he said matter-of-factly, “If I were one of TVB’s executives, I’d definitely want to make the both of us work together (because it’ll be a talking point in itself).”

When the attention was shifted to his ‘single’ and ‘unmarried’ status, Ruco, whose the only son in the family, admitted thathis parents are not rushing him to tie the knot – and he’s glad for it.

“They started asking me to get married since I was 20. If you only listen to what others say, then you’ll end up getting stressed out and you being unable to enjoy your own life,” Ruco explained. “They said it once, and they never said it again. They’re adults, they won’t keep repeating the same thing over and over again. I’m not a child either, and they respect me as well.”

“In five years, I think I’ll still be a little boy in my parents’ eyes. In terms of goals, all I want is to be healthy in five years, and that’s enough. You can’t do anything without being healthy,” he went on.

“When I was 30, I already thought of getting married, but I’m past 40 now, and I’m not even married yet,” he mused. “There’s always a gap between your imagination and reality, so I think being more down-to-earth and letting things happen naturally is more important. When I’m off-set, being to be able to do things that normal people are able to do is good enough.”

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