Rumours of discord between 5566 members strengthen

Sam Wang has been noticeably absent from a number of Tony Sun, Zax Wang and Jason Hsu’s photos

Rumours of discord between 5566 members strengthen

Rumours of discord between Sam Wang and the rest of the 5566 members have gained traction following group leader Tony Sun’s most recent social media updates. The group reunited for the first time in years at the Golden Bell Awards last October.

5566 attended a countdown show on December 31 and Tony posted a photo taken before the show with the caption, “Met a bunch of good friends and it’s almost as if we’re having a year-end gathering.” The group photo, which included Zax Wang and Jason Hsu, along with a number of their dance crew members, had no sign of Sam Wang, which led to many netizens to question the reason behind his absence.

Rumours of discord between 5566 members strengthen

They also brought up the fact that Sam was not present in many of the Golden Bell Awards group photos that were taken backstage and that former member Rio Peng seemed to appear in more of the snaps that Sam, who is still a member of the group.

Tony, Zax and Jason recently started hosting a new variety show, The Hunger Games, with Zax previously explaining that Sam’s absence from the show could be due to his personal engagements.

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