Selina Jen “drank too much” at Yoga Lin’s wedding

The singer-actress couldn’t recall what she did the next day


Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen and fellow S.H.E member, Hebe Tian, were one of the few celebrity guests present at Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin and Kiki Ting’s wedding party in Japan.

On Tuesday, Selina made an appearance at an event, where she revealed that she had drunk so much that night, she couldn’t remember what happened when she woke up the next day.

“When I saw Yoga come out of the treehouse, I started crying. Then, when Kiki and her mother came out, I cried again. It was so touching, I had only seen weddings like this in the movies. The couple’s vows were very simple, and natural. It really fit the two of them, I was really touched,” Selina shared.

The 35-year-old also caught the bouquet thrown by Kiki after the wedding, but she revealed that she is not actively looking to get into a relationship. “There’s so many things that I want to do, as for love, when the time comes, then it’ll happen naturally,” the singer-actress said.

Selina also shed light on what they got up to after the wedding, sharing that she had gathered with a couple of close friends in a little treehouse to chat.

“I only remember Yoga and Kiki listening attentively to what I said, but when I asked them the next day, Kiki said I asked a lot of questions! But, I drank so much, I couldn’t remember what I asked or said,” she laughed.


Selina was also asked if she had heard anything from fellow S.H.E member Ella, who was not present at the wedding party as she’s currently in confinement after giving birth earlier last month.

The new mother had recently made the news when she admitted that she had broken a confinement rule and taken a cold shower to beat the heat. Selina shared that she had scolded Ella for doing so, along with numerous fans who were worried for Ella’s health.

“She didn’t just take one cold shower, so when she got scolded by everyone, I felt very happy,” Selina said, adding that Ella had a slight headache after taking the baths, so she wouldn’t be taking any more cold showers now.

Selina also revealed that Ella often shares pictures of her baby boy in the buff, nicknamed “Strong Baby” in Chinese.

“I keep receiving nude pictures and videos of Strong Baby in our chatrooms,” she laughed, before adding that the influx of pictures made “all the aunts really happy”.

Selina formally divorced her ex-husband, lawyer Richard Chang, in March this year after getting married in 2011. Ella confirmed that she was pregnant in October, and shared a month later that she was expecting a boy, whom she gave birth to last Wednesday (April 12). She tied the knot with her Malaysian businessman husband Alvin Lai in 2012.

Photos: PBE Media

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