Sharon Chan gives birth to baby boy

The actress underwent a caesarean section to welcome her first child on Winter Solstice


Hong Kong actress Sharon Chan and husband William Lui welcomed the arrival of their first son on Winter Solstice, two days ago (Dec 21). The actress first updated the press via a text message which said, “Mother and son is well, thank you everyone! He weighs 3.17 kilograms and he’s very healthy!”

She also shared the good news on her Facebook later and posted a picture of her baby’s larger than average feet with the caption, “Uncles and aunts, I have arrived! I weigh 3.17 kilograms and I have huge feet! It’s been hard on you, mummy”, followed by another picture of the her son in her arms.

The 37 year-old shared during a phone interview that the baby’s face and head shape resembled his father’s, while his long legs and big feet resembled the actress’. She let in that William was the one who made the decision to deliver their baby on Winter Solstice and he kept her company throughout the surgery, but he did not cut the umbilical cord because he was too busy documenting the special moment on video.

The couple also joked that since their son was born on Winter Solstice, they might just name him Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice). Sharon said, “I really love him so much, I can’t stop looking at him”.

When asked if they will be planning for baby number two anytime soon, the actress answered, “The soonest time will be in a year, because my body needs time to recover from the operation”.

The actress’ close friend, fellow Hong Kong actress Christine Ng also helped Sharon spread the good news and said, “Sharon Chan has given birth to a son, so adorable, she wants me to tell everyone that she is well. There’s a joyous occasion in my family!”

Photos: PBE Media, Sharon Chan/Instagram

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