Sharon Chan releases photos from maternity shoot

The actress feels conflicted about the impending arrival of her baby


Hong Kong actress Sharon Chan, who is currently nine months pregnant, is practically ready for labour, but she is still not fully prepared. The 37-year-old shared that she feels conflicted because despite wanting to meet her baby boy as soon as possible, she can’t bear for her child to leave her tummy.

Sharon recently released a series of photos from her maternity shoot, where she look ethereal in a flowy long skirt that was almost transparent. Having only gained 10 kg since her pregnancy, the svelte actress remained slim in her limbs although she was visibly better-endowed than before.

She also shared that she saw through ultrasound scans that her active son has rather big feet, which he uses to kick up to 10 times a day.

Sharon and her husband William Lui wish that their son would arrive this Christmas as a present for themselves, but she is not keeping her hopes up as it seems that he might be arriving sooner than expected.

The actress will be delivering the baby via caesarean section due to her low tolerance of pain and weak pelvic bones.


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 Photos: PBE Media

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