Shawn Yue has plans to propose to girlfriend soon?

The actor had reportedly flown his parents to Taiwan specially to meet Sarah’s parents

Shawn Yue

Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue and his girlfriend, Sarah Wang, have always kept a low profile about their relationship and have never publicly acknowledged it. However, it was revealed yesterday that he had introduced his parents to Sarah’s and even raised his intention of proposing to her.

Shawn had previously posted two pictures on Instagram on Saturday (Oct 7), one of him with his parents, and another of him holding a cup of bubble tea that was sold in Taiwan. It was reported that his trip there with his parents was not just for a family vacation, but also for them to meet Sarah’s parents, so that he could ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage.

However, Sarah’s manager has responded saying that the two are very comfortable at the moment and have not reached the stage of marriage yet. He added that the company only knew of Shawn bringing his parents to Taiwan but were unclear whether the families met up as that was the actor’s personal decision.

The couple have seemed less concerned about staying out of the public eye over the year as their relationship grew stronger. Shawn had previously posted a photo of him and Sarah’s family during their vacation in London after attending the London fashion show in September. He even captioned the photo with “Family time.”

The pair were also photographed at the 2017 NBA China Games over the weekend where they were not afraid to show their affections for one another, with Sarah even leaning on his shoulder.

Shawn Yue1

Shawn and Sarah were first linked together after posing intimately in a group picture. After several rounds of denial, the 35-year-old actor implicitly admitted to the relationship by posting a photo with the caption, “Invincible. The future is bright”.

Photo: PBE Media

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