Shawn Yue shows off birthday gifts by girlfriend

The actor celebrated his 36th birthday two days ago

Shawn Yue

Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue celebrated his 36th birthday two days ago on Nov 13 and took to Instagram to share pictures of the special day.

Shawn uploaded multiple photos of the gifts he received, one of them being a heart-shaped cake with the words “Happy birthday 666” (Shawn’s nickname) decorated on it, and the other being a bowl of spaghetti.

It was the third picture, however, that caught netizens’ attention. It was a bowl of chocolates which had the words “Sara," “Shawn” and “SS17” on each individual piece. Many then speculated that the “SS17” stood for “Sarah and Shawn being together forever” and they seemingly confirmed this after their eagle-eyes spotted the words ‘Welcome Home’ on his table, leading them to believe that these gifts were a sweet surprise from Sarah.

Shawn Yue1

The 36-year-old actor may not have posted a photo of the two of them together, but his caption of “Thank you for everything” showed that he was very satisfied and happy with the gifts.

Shawn and Sarah were first rumoured to be dating after posing intimately in a group picture back in 2016. Although the two have never publicly announced their relationship, they are often spotted together and there were even recent rumours that Shawn was planning a proposal.

Photos: PBE Media

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