Shu Qi battles with her skin allergies

The actress’s condition flares up whenever she’s busy


Taiwanese actress Shu Qi shocked everyone with her Weibo post recently, where she was almost unrecognisable due to the bandages covering her face.

The actress later revealed that she had gone to the doctors for help with her skin allergies, which she has been battling with for a while.

However, as she was in a rush, the doctor recommended that she should go for a number of medical injections to help alleviate her condition before leaving.

Although the 41-year-old attempted to cover up the bandages with a face mask, spectacles and a cap, the bandages were still visible, causing her to look like a mummy. Shu Qi then made light of the situation by posing playfully with a “rock” handsign, making the best of the situation.


Her fans immediately left consoling comments on her post once they saw the picture, with some who couldn’t help but to ask the actress, “Are you sure you can see where you’re going,” with some dubbing her bandages as “the best anti-paparazzi shield”.

Even her fellow celebrity friends couldn’t help but to join in, with Taiwanese singer-actor Richie Ren and Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu playfully asking, “Who are you?” on her post.

Shu Qi, who is known for her youthful appearance, has always struggled with her skin allergies, which tends to flare up whenever she’s busy or stressed, causing her face to break out in red spots and swell.

Photos: PBE Media

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