Shu Qi clarifies pregnancy ‘announcement’

Popular Taiwanese host Tao Ching-Ying declared that Shu Qi was pregnant at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards, only to clarify later that it was a joke

Shu Qi clarifies pregnancy ‘announcement’

Shu Qi tied the knot with Stephen Fung in September this year in a move that surprised many. The actress has been plagued by pregnancy rumours since their nuptials, but has denied them on multiple occasions.

She made an appearance at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards yesterday to present an award and subsequently set the internet abuzz with an ‘announcement’ that she is pregnant.

Popular Taiwanese host Matilda Tao implicitly declared that the newly-wedded actress was expecting when she said, “I’m going to announce this right now (because) I’m just so touched that Shu Qi took the trouble to come and present an award. She even wore high heel shoes even when she is…” and gestured to her stomach as she completed her statement with, “Isn’t this obvious enough?”

Seemingly caught by surprise, Shu Qi’s facial expression stiffened for a moment before she tried dismiss the applause from the audience before being swiftly stopped by Matilda, “Don’t deny or confirm [the pregnancy] and you can remain on the headlines for three months!”

Fueling the rumours more was Shu Qi’s Facebook update after the award show, “Finally, [I] have a belly”, which seemed to confirm the pregnancy announcement that Matilda made.

However, Matilda went live on Facebook after the ceremony to explain that it was all a joke and an attempt to make Shu Qi appear on the headlines the next day. She also confirmed that Shu Qi knew about her plan and that her timely expressions were proof that she is a fine actress.

The 47-year-old explained further, “I would never make such an announcement in place of my good friend if she was really expecting”. 

Shu Qi also clarified that her Facebook post was referring to a ‘food baby’ that appeared after she feasted during supper after the event. She had been on a strict diet for the past three days to fit into the body-hugging dress that she wore on the red carpet and was giving herself a treat after the show.

Despite this newest wave of denials, her fans remain hopeful that she will announce good news when she enters the second trimester of her pregnancy. Traditional Chinese beliefs state that pregnancy announcements should not be made in the first trimester to ward off bad luck.

Apart from Shu Qi, Matilda also teased Fan Bingbing by addressing her directly from the stage with “Let’s create even more headlines today, Fan Bingbing is actually… Oh wait, I can’t say that, right?” only for the camera to pan to the actress waving frantically at the host in what looked like a plead for her to not continue her sentence, invoking laughter from the audience.

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