Shu Qi, Stephen Fung joke about pregnancy rumours

The actress: “This almost feels like pregnancy!”


After refuting countless pregnancy rumours since her flash marriage to Hong Kong director Stephen Fung, Taiwanese actress Shu Qi decided to take an interesting approach to put the pesky speculations to rest.

To indirectly clarify that she was not pregnant, the 40 year-old actress made fun of herself and wrote: “Having such a fat back and wide hips almost feels like pregnancy! Do not congratulate me,” on her Instagram post yesterday (Feb 20).

Stephen also joined in the fun and joked about the rumours by posting photos of himself walking beside her. He even circled his protruding tummy and captioned, “Obviously I’m the pregnant one!” much to his fans’ amusement.

The 42 year-old actor-turned-director previously shared that the both of them are ready to expand the brood and will definitely “share the good news” when the time comes.

Photos: PBE Media

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