Shu Qi, Stephen Fung spotted on a stroll

The actress looked pregnant in her baggy outfit


Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and her husband, Hong Kong director Stephen Fung, were mostly apart after they tied the knot in Prague while in the midst filming movie The Adventurers last September, but it looks like the pair has finally reunited just in time to spend Chinese New Year together.

They were seen strolling the streets of Hong Kong hand-in-hand, donning casual outfits. The 40-year-old actress was wearing sneakers and an oversized outerwear, which led netizens to speculate if she was expecting, since she spoke about baby-making plans recently.

One even said, “The way she walks is similar to a pregnant lady”. A member of the production crew also shared that the actress had a few strands of white hair recently, but did not dye them black like she used to, because expecting mothers are not advised to dye their hair because the chemicals in hair dye might be harmful to the foetus. However, friends of Shu Qi have clarified that the actress is “not pregnant yet”.

The actress was also thought to have missed the premiere of her movie The Village of No Return yesterday (Jan 26) because she was suffering from morning sickness, but the production company explained that she did not attend the event because they did not want the focus to be drawn away from the movie.

Photos: PBE Media

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