Shu Qi talks baby-making plans

The actress plans to go on hiatus to prepare for pregnancy

Shu Qi talks baby-making plans

After a fiasco over her bogus pregnancy announcement at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards, Taiwanese actress Shu Qi had finally opened up about her baby-making plans since her flash marriage with husband Stephen Fung in September.

The actress made an appearance at Hong Kong to attend an event of a brand and disclosed during an interview that she wishes to take a break from acting next year to “focus on getting pregnant”, finally putting the pregnancy rumours to rest.

“I have to prepare my body well in order to have children,” she continued, adding that her busy work schedule has caused her health to suffer in recent years.

Shu Qi talks baby-making plans

Shu Qi also asked of the media not to probe her about her pregnancy and explained that “it’s common practice for Chinese to not announce a pregnancy during the first trimester, and it’s not nice if I lie about it either”.

In regards to the pregnancy joke that Matilda Tao made at the awards ceremony, the host has expressed her apologies and wrote on her Facebook, “I hereby apologise to the media outlets that were affected by the joke I made. Please message your personal particulars to me and I will buy everyone a meal. “

However, she said to netizens who reprimanded her online, “The more scoldings I receive, the more I want to host”.

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