Sodagreen’s manager denies disbandment rumours

The Taiwanese band have been on a three-year hiatus since 2016

Taiwanese band Sodagreen shocked fans and the music industry when they dropped the bomb about their three-year hiatus in 2016, after clinching the most awards at the 27th Golden Melody Awards.

Following which, there has been no news from the sextet, until last week (Mar 6) when it was rumoured that lead singer of the band, Wu Tsing-Fong will be going solo.

After the news was released, rumours claimed that the band is on the verge of disbandment, but these speculations were refuted by their band manager.

Reasons for the band’s hiatus soon made rounds, citing guitarist Liu Jia Kai to be the main reason for it.

While Jia Kai is known among fans to be the best-looking member of the group, it was revealed that his guitar playing skills were not up to their manager’s expectations and he was unable to keep up with the band’s progress.

To alleviate the problem, the band tried to engage the help of another guitarist, and Jia Kai also promised to hone his skills.

However, as he soon got married and became a father, his family duties (apart from his newborn son, he also has to take care of his ailing father) took a toll on his practice.

Sodagreen’s manager declined comment on rumours about Jia Kai’s incompetence.

Tsing-Fong also left a cryptic message on Facebook expressing his vexed feelings, as if commenting about all the negative reports on the group.

“Direct all the bad news to me, because I’m used to dealing with them,” he wrote.

Photos: PBE Media

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