Sonia Sui encounters almost-accident

The actress is due to deliver her second child this month

Sonia Sui encounters almost-accident

It was a close shave for Sonia Sui, who was almost involved in an accident while she was out shopping. The 36-year-old is expected to give birth any day now, but has kept mum on the expected due date of her second child, Lucy.

She shared on her Facebook page that she was out buying bread with her businessman husband, Tony Chia, and was moving a step forward to stand in front of him on the escalator when someone asked her to make way.

As her movements were too slow for the person’s liking, Sonia was pushed aside, which caused her to lose her balance. Thankfully, Tony reacted quickly and grabbed his wife, which prevented an accident from occurring.

While Tony intended to confront the man, Sonia persuaded him to calm down instead. While in the bakery, Tony started mumbling to himself, “Was he wearing a uniform?” “Do you think he was in a rush to get to class?” and “You can’t blame him because you can’t tell that you’re pregnant from the back,” which caused Sonia to find amusement in the situation.

Tony was previously praised by netizens for being a model spouse after it was revealed that he has taken the initiative to be in charge of the household chores and caring after the couple’s first child, Max, as Sonia’s due date draws nearer.

Sonia announced in September that she is pregnant with her second child. Her first child, Max, was born in September 2015 after tying the knot with Tony in January the same year.

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