Sonia Sui enjoys family time with her brood

The family-of-four uploaded pictures of their weekly routine


In Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui’s household, every Sunday is “Sibling Bonding Day”, with the 36-year-old often uploading pictures of her two kids, Max, 1, and 3-month-old Lucy together on Sunday.

However, last week, Sonia broke from tradition and posted a different series of pictures instead, leaving netizens in envy at her good relationship with her businessman husband, Tony Chia.

The two pictures, which were captioned, “You, as seen by me, and me, as seen by you,” gave everyone a glimpse of how the couple usually viewed each other.

In one picture, Sonia grins at the camera with Max and Lucy in her arms, while in the second picture, which was taken from a higher angle, Tony can be seen sitting on the floor, while Max and Lucy lounge about on a mat in front of him.

The pictures reminded many of the popular “Follow Me To” photo series, with the different viewpoints and angles.

Sonia and Tony, who tied the knot two years ago, are as loving as ever, with Sonia sharing that Tony always makes sure to show his care for her in every aspect of life. She also often uploads short videos of Tony strumming on a guitar, serenading either her or their kids, causing netizens to comment on their good relationship, dubbing them the “model couple”.

Sonia registered her marriage with her husband, Tony Chia in 2015, gave birth to Max in the same year and Lucy in February 2017.


Photos: PBE Media

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