Sonia Sui gains 10 kg due to diet change

Thanks to her pregnancy cravings and love for sweet food, she has put on 10 kg during her pregnancy 

Sonia Sui gains 10 kg due to diet change

Ever since she became pregnant, Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui has been posting pictures of desserts that she has been indulging in. In one of her recent posts, she captioned: “Lately, I’ve been eating so many desserts and I’m starting to enjoy them more than before!”

Fans began to suspect that the 34-year-old could be having a girl instead of a boy due to her sudden diet change.

Sonia continued to mention her concerns about her new diet, “If my love for sweet treats becomes permanent, then I will really become out of shape.”

Sonia’s appetite has grown since she became pregnant and isn’t picky about her food. As a result, she put on 10 kg of weight and revealed that this is the heaviest she’s ever weighed.

Sonia married Tony Hsieh in January and announced the news of her pregnancy in May. She also revealed that she is considering having her baby in Singapore

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