Sonia Sui gives birth to Lucy without epidural

The actress shared her traumatic birthing experience in a Facebook post


Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui delivered her second child, Lucy, in Taiwan last week (Feb 1) and took to Facebook to share anecdotes from her recent birthing experience. Having braved through the premature birth of her first child, Max, in 2015, via natural birth, the actress was confident and felt fully prepared for her second delivery. She even wrote about feeling “irritated” by her husband, Tony Chia’s constant reminders for her to be mentally prepared to give birth any time soon.

She thought lightly of the “tightness” that she felt on her abdomen on the day she gave birth to Lucy and brushed it off by taking a nap and cooking a meal for herself later. “I was naive enough to think that I know my body well enough,” she wrote in the post.

The actress had misjudged the discomfort felt in her abdomen area and found out that she was already in labour when she finally decided to time her contractions under Tony’s supervision.

Sonia was shocked to know that she would be heading straight into the delivery room when she arrived at the hospital as her cervix was already sufficiently dilated. The actress begged for an epidural jab (pain relief for labour) but to her dismay, the nurse informed her that it was too late for it and said, “By the time the injection is administered, you’d have already gave birth.”

She wrote: “I gave my all during the delivery process, but the pain was indescribable. I felt like I could die any second.” But like most self-sacrificing mothers, the actress forgot about the pain the moment she laid eyes on her child.

“I felt so moved when I saw Lucy alive and kicking,” she said.

The 36 year-old actress also thanked her husband for accompanying her through labour in the lengthy post, although she found him “annoying” as he hovered around her in the delivery ward. She apparently screamed at him when he tried to wipe sweat off her face and told him to shut up when he tried to ask her to “push,” because “he was totally on the wrong tempo.”

Sonia and Tony tied the knot with Tony in January 2015 before giving birth to Max in Singapore in September the same year.

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