Sonia Sui has no time to groom herself

Actress posts insights into new motherhood on Instagram

Sonia Sui

Taiwanese model–actress Sonia Sui says she’s so preoccupied with looking after her 2-month-old firstborn that she has often forgotten to brush her teeth or wash her face, and rotates among a few comfortable articles of clothing that are most stain-resistant.

In a long post she shared on Instagram yesterday, the actress emphasised how important it is for new mums to maintain their appearance and not become old hags.

“Married life and motherhood are indeed difficult,” she wrote.

She shared the struggles of caring for baby Max while her husband is away from home. “Sometimes Tony has to return to the US for meetings and I’m on my own, but luckily my loving mother will come by to help out. But despite this, I’m often so busy I forget to brush my teeth or wash my face,” she wrote.

“And I can’t let my hair down or my son will tear strands of it out of my scalp.”

But Sonia says she will still doll herself up now and then, “so that my other half won’t think he got scammed by a drastically different before-and-after,” she wrote.

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