Sonia Sui: I’ve become less romantic after marriage

The actress-model couldn’t stop thinking about her son whilst on holiday


Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui recently travelled to Hawaii, America together with her husband, businessman Tony Chia, who flew there for work, without their son.

On Monday, she took to Facebook to upload a couple of pictures of her time abroad, lamenting that all she could think of was her one-year-old son, Max, who did not join them on their trip, no matter what she was doing.

“I feel that I’ve become very un-romantic,” Sonia sighed.

However, when she turned back to look at Tony, she saw that he was also thumbing through photos of Max on his phone, to her surprise.

Once Sonia shared the experience with her fans on Facebook, they started leaving comments empathising with her situation, with one even commenting, “Once you have a son, you’ll forget about the son’s father”.

Sonia and Tony tied the knot last year, and welcomed Max in September that very year. The 35-year-old also recently announced that the couple is expecting their second child, a daughter named Lucy.


Photos: PBE Media

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