Sonia Sui receives a unique gift for Confession Day

The model-actress’s husband wasn’t sure what would make a good present

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Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui received a very unique gift for Confession Day - a red packet adorned with drawings from her husband, businessman Tony Chia.

The 36-year-old shared a picture of her gift on her Facebook account, writing that Tony did not know that the Chinese celebrate Confession Day on May 20 (due to the fact that the numbers ‘520’ sound similar to ‘I love you’ in Mandarin).

On that day, Tony saw that his friends were all posting about Confession Day, causing him to scramble to find out the meaning behind the special day. However, he did not know what present to give Sonia. To make matters worse, he had to stay home to take care of the couple’s two kids, Max, 1, and 3-month-old Lucy. As he was unable to go out to buy flowers, he decided to give Sonia a red packet instead, after seeing someone post that a red packet was a good present to give on Confession Day.

Sonia revealed that when she saw the red packet Tony had prepared for her, she was “not sure if I should decline or accept it”. But, when she took a closer look at it, she realised that Tony had taken the time to carefully write, “Happy 520, I love you” in Chinese on the red packet, and even drew a pig and a heart to top it off.

As Tony doesn’t know how to write in Chinese, he started attending classes last year, with the carefully written declaration of love on the red packet as the fruit of his efforts. Sonia also seemed proud of Tony’s efforts, laughing that she’d “forgive him for not knowing how to write my name [in Chinese].”

After seeing Sonia’s post, her fans left comments praising Tony for his efforts, with some joking that the couple should make a pact with each other to stop giving red packets as a present from now on.

Sonia registered her marriage with her husband, Tony Chia in 2015, gave birth to Max in the same year and Lucy in February 2017.

Photos: PBE Media

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