Sonia Sui’s baby celebrates first month with floral bath

The proud mama posts photos of son Max on Facebook

Sonia Sui

Taiwanese actress and model Sonia Sui shared photos on Facebook yesterday of her firstborn son, Max, taking a floral bath, a Southeast Asian custom for babies celebrating their first month, to ward off evil and bring good luck.

“A first-month floral bath, and I’m off to see guests,” she wrote.

Fans gushed about how adorable Max looked in the pretty bathwater, and some declared themselves diehard fans of Max.

The actress also ventured out of the house after her month-long confinement period ended, and shared photos of a family gathering.

She appeared to have put on some weight, and fans commented, “For once your arms are as thick as normal people’s.”

Sonia gave birth to Max in Singapore on August 29 and stayed in the country with husband Tony Chia for her confinement, and had to put up with the recent haze.

Sonia Sui 2

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