Sonia Sui’s husband lauded for being model spouse

Her businessman husband has taken over the daily chores as her due date draws closer

Sonia Sui’s husband lauded for being model spouse

With baby Lucy due anytime soon, Sonia Sui’s husband Tony Chia has stepped up to take responsibility for the daily chores at home which includes caring for their first child, Max.

The 36-year-old updated her Facebook with a snap of her businessman husband holding their 1-year-old son Max’s hands, sharing that she feels grateful to him for looking after every aspect of Max’s well-being and taking over the household chores in the past month, as she entered her final trimester of pregnancy.

“From the moment (Max) wakes up, regardless of whether it’s showering him, preparing his milk or feeding him, cooking him food or changing his diapers, and of course making sure the house is clean, washing the dishes, buying groceries, taking out the trash and washing the restrooms – he does all this and more single-handedly,” Sonia declared.

Apart from keeping an eye on what goes on at home, Tony has also been working hard at his job, which has led the model-actress to share, “From the bottom of my heart, I respect (him) and am moved (by his dedication) – I feel like my husband has matured in the blink of an eye!”

She also revealed that her mother visits their home from time to time to look after Max, and that Tony and his mother-in-law get along well too. Revealing that he now knows how to butter her mother up, she jested that the honey-coated words that he directs to her mother are sweeter than those that he says to her.

Sonia and Tony registered their marriage in 2015 after dating for four months and welcomed their first child the same year.

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