Sonia Sui’s husband opens a barbecue restaurant

The businessman shared that he sought help from his wife as he was not used to the attention


After tying the knot with Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui, businessman Tony Chia, who was based in America, moved over to Taiwan to be with his other half.

The lovebirds soon started a family of their own, with Max, 1, and three-month-old Lucy. However, Tony, who is not fluent in Mandarin, found it hard to find a suitable job, and mostly stayed home to look after their kids.

After a while, he got to know a Taiwanese-Korean businessman through his younger sister, and decided to invest in a barbecue restaurant with him in order to “have something to pass the time with” while in Taiwan.

Earlier this week, he appeared at the official opening of the restaurant, where he appeared to be overwhelmed by the media attention.

Tony stepped out together with his younger sister, who acted as his translator, by his side, and shared that Sonia had indeed given him some tips on how to effectively handle the media before his appearance.

When asked how much he had invested in the restaurant, Tony smilingly said that he “cannot disclose” the amount, causing the media to comment that Sonia had done well in teaching Tony how to handle the media.

Although the 36-year-old did not make an appearance at the store, Sonia did advise Tony to “relax more” before the event. When a worker wanted to help style Tony’s hair, Sonia refused, sharing that Tony “looks the best without any primping”.

Tony also shared that Max loves steamed eggs and beef bone soup, and even imitated the way his son will demand for more food.

The businessman also has a company that he founded together with his friend in America, and often has to fly back to the States for work.

“I do feel tired sometimes, but when I come here [to Taiwan], I can relax,” he smiled.

Sonia registered her marriage with her husband, Tony Chia in 2015, gave birth to Max in the same year and Lucy in February 2017.

Photos: PBE Media

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