Sonia Sui’s son gets ignored by his dad

Netizens were tickled pink by Max’s antics when trying to get his father’s attention

Sonia Sui’s son gets ignored by his dad

Could this be the start of sibling rivalry for Sonia Sui’s children? The actress shared a video on her Facebook page of her husband, Tony, serenading their daughter, Lucy, with a guitar. While the doting father was halfway through his performance, their son, Max, suddenly entered the frame while waving a box of biscuits in front of his father.

Ignoring Max’s request for help with the biscuits, Tony continued singing even when the little boy started saying “Daddy, daddy!” and tried to stuff the box of biscuits into his father’s hands. After continuously being ignored, Max gave up and instead looked for his mom, who was holding the camera filming the entire episode.

After the video was posted, netizens were tickled pink by Max’s adorable antics, chuckling, “There’s no helping it – Max is their son, but (Lucy) is Tony’s lover from his previous life”. Others laughed that Sonia’s decision to record the entire exchange instead of helping her son was also worth pointing out.

Upon hearing Tony’s singing skills, netizens also pointed out that his singing was “so good, that he’s ready to release a studio album.”

Sonia delivered her second child, a daughter, on February 1, doubling her brood slightly over a year after she welcomed her firstborn, Max, in August 2015.

Photos: PBE Media

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