Sonia Sui shares more photos of newborn daughter

The actress gave birth to her second child last week


Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui welcomed the arrival of her second child, Lucy, last week (Feb 1) and fans are beginning to notice that the newborn baby is the splitting image of her older brother, Max. The 36-year-old actress posted a front-facing image of Lucy on her Facebook last night (Feb 9) and netizens even suggested that the siblings look like twins.

Some fans even went as far as making a collage of Lucy’s photo with Max’s baby picture, to which the actress replied jokingly, “Yeah, they look exactly the same. It took me two years to give birth to this pair of ‘twins’!”

Sonia also shared that she was initially worried that her daughter would be malnourished, because she did not gain as much weight this pregnancy, compared to her first. But her worries were unfounded when Lucy was born heavier than Max at 3.5 kilograms and with no complications.

“She absorbed all my nutrients!” said the actress.

Sonia registered her marriage with Tony Chia in January 2015 before she delivered Max in Singapore the same year, and then Lucy last week. The actress does not wish to hold a wedding ceremony.


Photos: PBE Media

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