Sonia Sui shows off slight baby bump

The 37-year-old is in her third trimester of pregnancy

Sonia Sui shows off slight baby bump

Sonia Sui made the surprise announcement earlier this month that she is expecting her third child. At the time, she only confirmed that she is expecting and that her bun in the oven is named Olie, but did not reveal more details, such as when she will be giving birth and the gender of her baby.

Following her announcement, media outlets contacted her manager, who confirmed the good news and shared that she was three months pregnant. However, it seems that the information then was inaccurate, as the actress-model personally confirmed on her Instagram account that she is six months pregnant.

Last week, she updated her page with photos of herself modeling the autumn collection from her brand, SUITANGTANG. What caught netizens’ eyes was the last part of the caption, which read, “The photos that you see from my autumn collection were taken when Olie was more than six months along, but I could still comfortably wear it”.

This provided an update on Sonia’s pregnancy, as netizens were curious to know when she would be giving birth. Some also pointed out that the 37-year-old has managed to stay svelte despite entering her third trimester of pregnancy, and that her baby bump was so small that they couldn’t spot it.

However, her most recent update showed off her slight baby bump for the first time, and even though Sonia bemoaned that she has since put on three kilogrammes and that her face is now “as round as the moon”, netizens have assured her that she looks as good as before.

Sonia and her husband, Tony Chia, are currently on a three-week trip in Europe ahead of welcoming the newest addition to their family and have been providing regular updates about their travels on their respective social media pages.

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