Sonia Sui takes her son shopping

The toddler’s less-than-amused face struck a chord with netizens


Taiwanese model Sonia Sui has always been diligent in updating her Facebook page with pictures of her kids, 2-year-old Max and 5-month-old Lucy.

Recently, the 36-year-old posted about a shopping trip she took with Max, complete with selfies of the mother-son duo in the midst of shopping.

In one of the pictures, Max can be seen obediently seated on a bench and looking into the distance. However, in another picture, a selfie of Sonia and Max, the toddler’s true emotions could be seen in his “less-than-amused” face, with fans chuckling at his emotionless expression.

“He looks so weary,” one netizen commented, with another laughing that the 2-year-old might as well “start practising now,” so that he can accompany his future girlfriend on her shopping trips.

Sonia registered her marriage with her husband, Tony Chia in 2015, gave birth to Max in the same year and Lucy in February 2017.


Photos: PBE Media

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