Sonia Sui visits the zoo with family

The actress’s 2-year-old son had fun observing the different animals

Sonia Sui

Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui recently enjoyed a family trip to the zoo with her husband, Tony Chia, and their 2-year-old son Max. Unfortunately, it seemed that their 8-month-old daughter, Lucy, could not join them as she was still too young.

Just yesterday, Sonia posted photos of their day on Facebook where both mother and son could be seen interacting with the different animals such as elephants and camels. However, only their backs were captured in the images, leading netizens to deduce that Tony was the photographer as these shots looked like it was “his point of view.”

The actress, who has been married for two years now, also decided to share her views on marriage and provide words of wisdom to her followers.

“Marriage becomes dangerous when husband and wife stop fighting the same battles, but instead, turn on each other. This will result in a deadly war, where nobody wins and everybody loses," Sonia wrote.

The 37-year-old actress registered her marriage to Tony in 2015 and has expressed that she has no plans to hold a wedding ceremony. Nonetheless, she always puts her family first and is often seen spending time with them.   

Photo: PBE Media

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